Outpatient Services

Our Outpatient Services can be tailored to a variety of clinic types—from mental or behavioral health to correctional facilities, worksite clinics, and more.

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Pharmacy Services

  • 24/7 on-call pharmacist and consultation services
  • Direct delivery to consumer’s medication administration location
  • In-stock medications that align with the Medicaid formulary and each clinic’s specific needs
  • Specialty packaging for clients with compliance concerns
  • Electronic patient charts including prescriptions and paperless faxing system
  • Detailed delivery manifest of all medications being delivered to the residential facility

Billing Review

  • Itemized statements to give clients and caregivers access to specific drug information, including the dispense date, quantity dispensed, and applicable co-pay
  • Insurance review to ensure proper coverage
  • Consultation in the event a medication is not covered or if coverage is denied.
  • Prior authorization data collection, completion, and submission

Drug Regimen Review

  • Medication profiles from all current physicians are reviewed at every dispensing point
  • Evaluation and notification of potential drug interactions
  • Reporting of duplicative medications to prescribing physicians

Refill Management

  • Contact with the prescribing physician upon use of the last refill
  • Notification to the healthcare provider and customer in the event a refill cannot be obtained from physician

Cost Management

  • Regular medication cost reviews
  • In the event a medication becomes more costly due to falling off the Formulary, notification to prescribing physician for a possible substitution
  • Notice to clients and caregivers of any changes made as a cost saving to the patient